Our services

Property Valuation

  • Property Valuation:
    • Comprehensive assessment of the market value of residential, commercial, or industrial properties.
  • Real Estate Appraisal:
    • In-depth analysis and estimation of a property’s value, performed by our certified valuers.
  • Land Valuation:
    • Evaluation of the value of vacant land or undeveloped properties, considering factors like location, zoning, and potential use.
  • Rental Valuation:
    • Determination of appropriate rental rates for residential or commercial properties based on market conditions and property features.
  • Investment Property Valuation:
    • Assessment of the value and potential return on investment for income-generating properties.

Property Sales/Letting

  • An assessment of the current market value/rent of the property before the property is placed on the market.
  • We sell/let commercial, industrial, residential, and agricultural properties for our clients.

Feasibility Studies

We undertake feasibility studies for our customers and advise on the economic viability of proposed commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

Project Management

We undertake Project Management on behalf of our clients. Which involves:

  1. Coordination of all the professionals involved in the construction of a project.
  2. Supervising the same to ensure that the set objectives of a high-quality development are achieved cost-effectively.

Property Management

The Company manages Commercial (Office Blocks, Apartments, Shopping Complexes), Residential and Industrial properties on behalf of broad-based clientele including individuals, companies, parastatals, embassies, and churches.

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