What is in a name?

A whole lot of perception and ideas. In the existence of too much chaos in our daily lives, our sole goal if not now maybe later would be to sleep and wake up in a place that calms you with an embrace of clean air, green nature, chiming birds, minimal noise and just peace.

 A world where your environment assures you that everything is fine or gives you hope that it will be fine and you will be okay.

Today we dive into finding out why there is a lot of fuss about being a dweller in Muthaiga.

We give you four things you probably were not aware about “Muthaiga”.

  1. Muthaiga” is a tree.

What is currently known as Muthaiga Estate was still a canopy of indigenous trees back then in the pre-colonial time, with one particular tree regarded mightier by the local Kikuyu medicine-men.

The term Muthaiga refers to a tree whose bark was used as medicine by the Kikuyu community.

The name Muthaiga was coined by Ward, who is one of the co-owners of Henderson and Ward Architects, the group who designed the Muthaiga neighborhood plan in 1912.

The plot that the architect bought had an African greenheart tree, whose bark was used as medicine by the Kikuyu and so he named the neighborhood after that tree.

2. Home values are confidential.

House-sale values in Muthaiga, by virtue of being owned by eminent prominent personalities, are largely personal and confidential in nature and thus making it difficult for the market to have reliable collective data on the number of transactions and prices achieved.

However, property prices in Muthaiga are amongst some of the highest in Nairobi based on the minimal available data. There are only few apartments in the vicinity that have been trusted in the hands of some of the best real estate firms in Kenya like Ebony Estates Limited.

The fusion of luxury living, along with the neighbourhood’s easy access to the main superhighway and proximity to the embassies of the diplomatic community are so attractive that it “creates a buzz with any buyer who is able to afford a home in the area.”

The residential suburb is removed from much of the chaos of the city but is close to a number of high-end shopping malls, embassies, country clubs, hotels, gourmet restaurants and international schools. In a peculiar manner, the estate boasts about the beautiful 2,570-acre forest and an 18-hole championship golf course right at its doorstep.

3. It homes the “Big Shots” in Kenya.

High-net-worth individuals, business owners and ambassadors from the international community make their homes in Muthaiga.

Honourable retired president Mwai Kibaki, who was president of Kenya from December 2002 to April 2013, lives in Muthaiga, as do billionaire industrialist and businessman Manu Chandaria and Mama Ngina Kenyatta, who is the widow of Kenya’s first president, Jomo Kenyatta, who served from 1964 until his death in the year 1978.

Most of the inhabitants in Muthaiga are between the ages of 35 to 70 and most own their own businesses

Embassies of Belgium, Ukraine, Austria and Saudi Arabia are within its borders, as well as the High Commission of Ghana.

4. It is the “EYE” of Nairobi City.

Muthaiga is among the most sought-after residential suburbs in Nairobi associated with a posh lifestyle and a cool, rich aura.

It is at the pivot point of all the action in the city.

The Nairobi National Museum, which is close to Nairobi’s Central Business District about 2.4 miles from Muthaiga, is the flagship of the national museum system as it homes some of the oldest and rarest fossils on earth and thus would make it a fascinating and educational day out for the entire family.

The Kenya National Theatre is a stage for local and international performances, is three miles away, and The Kenya Conservatoire of Music, a noted teaching and performance venue, is only a 20-minute drive away.

Another attraction is the Mau Mau Caves in the Karura Forest that borders Muthaiga and The Nairobi National Park which is about 30- to 45-minute drive away. Established in 1946, it was Kenya’s first.

The Muthaiga Golf Club, which its elite members refer to as the “Home of Golf,” is an 18-hole championship course that winds through the Karura Forest. It was founded in the 1920s and redesigned in 2004 by Peter Matkovich of South Africa. According to the golf club’s website, it is considered “one of the most prestigious and challenging courses in the region.”

Muthaiga and its immediate surrounding area offer residents a variety of culinary, retail and cultural experiences.

Muthaiga has several top-notch restaurants, including La Dolce Vita, which was founded by a Tuscan chef in 2001.

It is believed to be one of the best Italian restaurants in the city.

The River Café, in the heartbeat of the Karura Forest, offers al fresco, all-day continental dining. Its lunch menu features steaks, burgers and pasta. It’s a spot for people biking, bird watching or tourists taking a guided colobus monkey tours in the Karura.

A tour at Muthaiga Gardens that hosts some of the rare apartments in Muthaiga, will reveal structures that are so beautifully proportioned and well designed with a breath-taking view of green gardens and trees. 

Most of the units there are three and two bedroom apartments that have generous spaces and are recently refurbished with elegant bathrooms. The woodwork on the floors, kitchen cabinets and fitted wardrobes offers warmth and sophistication. The flats have a green outlook to the gardens from the bulconies, and those on the ground floor can exit straight into them. Residents enjoy the covered patio, perfect for summer time in Nairobi’s famously sunny climate.

The master bedroom is en-suite, and the two other bedrooms share one comfortable bathroom. Residents have the choice of a beautiful walk in shower and a luxurious bath tub. There is a guest cloak room and a pantry in the kitchen, both of which add to the comfort of the home.

Given its status, the estate maintains a 24-hour security, a gorgeous architectural aesthetic and expansive courtyards, gardens and walkways, with a playground and a pool bound by a historic wood panelled clubhouse. The residents effortlessly host children’s birthday parties and entertain outside – but still close to – their homes.

The lushly landscaped surrounding makes the residential resemble a resort-style neighbourhood.

It prides itself on privacy, allowing residents to enjoy the good life while remaining off the radar.

The apartments at Muthaiga Gardens are managed by only high-end real estate management firms like Ebony Estates Limited.


Muthaiga Gardens is located very close to the United Nations offices in Gigiri. It is about 30 minutes away from the Nairobi CBD, and off Muthaiga Road. It neighbours Getrude’s Children’s Hospital, Clanson Court and Muthaiga Golf Course.


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